About Us

About the Association

The Islamic Association of Grande Prairie and District (IAGP) is a charitable organization that runs a mosque and various other educational and community programs and caters to the needs of Muslims in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas.

Committee Board

The affairs of Islamic Association of Grande Prairie and District (IAGP) are coordinated through an Executive Committee and a Finance Committee, which are comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and other officials. All major decisions are taken by these respective committees. A very learned and well respected full time imam leads all the prayers and other programs. He is available on a full time basis and besides daily prayers, lead many educational and community programs.


Islamic Association of Grande Prairie and District (IAGP) was established in 1993 when the first group of Muslims in Grande Prairie perceived the need of a place that fulfills the requirements of the Muslim community in the city and surrounding areas.

Initially it was an office apartment which was rented in a downtown location of Grande Prairie. It started out when the number of Muslims were around 20 only back in 1993. The current building now fits around 300 individuals. The Association is currently exploring various options to increase the capacity of the Islamic Center to cater to current and future needs for next 3- 5 years.


The center offers daily prayers (led by a full-time imam), Friday congregation, children school programs, women activities, youth programs, as well as other educational services like Arabic/Quranic classes for children, and social and religious gatherings. There is an Islamic book/video library on-site and several large meeting and conference rooms. IAGP has also reserved a section in the Grande Prairie cemetery for the Muslim community and provides funeral and burial services.