السلام عليكم – Peace be upon you!


We are pleased to see restrictions easing up and are ready to welcome Ramadan. In preparation for the feasting, iftar and taraweeh during Ramadan we’d like to make the following important announcements:


  1. Women prayer area is now open Alhamdulillah, and the sisters are welcome to come to the masiid for all prayers and taraweeh. The facilities are, however, still closed for meetings, halaqas and gatherings. Also, we encourage you to leave small children at home.


  1. All masjid entry doors are only accessible with secured entry fobs which can be obtained by contacting the Imam or brother Aziz on payment of a small fee.


  1. Daily Iftar will be served in the masjid during Ramadan. In view of food handling precautions required, especially after the recent pandemic, we’ll only allow food from professional caterers holding food handling certification.


  1. Isha will be prayed per the schedule and Taraweeh prayer will follow right after. All other prayers will be observed per prayer schedule.


  1. WE ARE COLLECTING DONATIONS FOR DAILY IFTAR DURING RAMADAN. PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY, through either of the following methods. Please clearly specify that the donation is for Iftar.


  1. Cash or cheque to Imam
  2. Debit or with credit card
  3. Masjid website at
  4. Email transfer to


You can reach out to the imam for any guidance and support needed regarding salah and other ibadah during Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem to you and your families!




  The Masjid Executive Committee