Fund Raising Announcement

Expansion and renovation of our Masjid have commenced few weeks ago, and Alhamdulelah because of some of our brothers and sisters their donations made this possible. The new renovation will allow our Masjid to accommodate ~300 prayers enshallah. But we are still running a little short on our 1st stage budget if to be done as per plan and we need everybody’s contribution to keep going.

Friday 7th of Sep and after Friday Khutbah there will be a fundraising in the Masjid, this opportunity will allow anyone to participate and get encouraged by others to do so. Your contribution no matter how much is valuable and will be appreciated years to come and more importantly in your everlasting charity.

This can be in Cash, Cheques, Credit, Debit Cards & Paypal. Encourage your kids to participate even if it is a dollar. Receipts are available if needed.

May Allah bless you all …