السلام عليكم  – Peace be upon you!

We hope you’re all having a blessed Ramadan. Please note a few announcements below:

  1. Since the start of Ramadan we’ve been having daily online halaqa (classes) with the masjid imam, Sh. Muhamud Issa. Many of you already tune-in daily at 7 pm to attend this 30-minute class. Please follow the following link or Zoom ID if you’d like to join.

                           Join Zoom Meeting:

                           Meeting ID: 772 8923 1018

  1. Fitr or Sadaqa-tul-fitr or Fitrana becomes due on each able Muslim by the end of Ramadan. The estimated amount for this year is $10 per individual, including minor children. The amount is intended to help and feed the poor. If you’re unable to disburse this amount on your own you may contact and send the money to the Imam, Sh. Mehamud Issa, at Please clearly specify that the money is for Fitr.
  2. Your masjid needs your financial support even during closure related to COVID-19, to cover for administrative and fixed expenses. You may make your donations through any of the following methods:
    1. Drop off cheques or cash in the drop box on main level or in imam’s office on first floor.
    2. Fill out the Pre-authorized debit (PAD) form for automatic monthly withdrawals from your account.
    3. Mail your cheque to:

      Islamic Association of Grande Prairie
      10117 101 Ave
      Grande Prairie, AB, T8V 0Y2

Tax deductible receipt will be provided for the donations made.