السلام عليكم – Peace be upon you!


In line with Stage 2 of Alberta Reopening Plan the allowed capacity for ‘places of worship’ has increased to 30% of fire code capacity, effective Thursday, June 10, 2021. Based on this we are pleased to announce that the allowed capacity for main prayer hall has increased to full capacity with social distancing i.e. around 75 people. The entry remains on first come first serve basis and doors will be locked as soon as we reach capacity.

  1. Jumma prayers to continue at 1:45 and 2:30 pm in line with the above-mentioned capacity limits, on first come first serve basis.


  1. As a matter of emphasis, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind all community members to keep following the COVID-19 restrictions regarding masks, social distancing and cleaning. Please only stand or sit on the marked spots in the prayer hall.


We thank Allah, the Almighty, who has blessed us and allowed us to reduce some of the restrictions. We look forward to lifting of more restrictions in July and opening of washrooms and ablution area. Until then, please continue to come prepared to masjid and perform ablution at home. Thank you for continuing to follow all the guidelines!


Please contact the Management Committee for any questions or concerns.




The Management Committee

Grande Prairie, AB