السلام عليكم – Peace be upon you!

In view of the increased COVID-19 cases in Grande Prairie and additional measures put in place by the City, including indoors mandatory masks policy, it has been decided after consultation among Executive Committee and members of the community to put some additional measures in place to reduce the risks related to COVID-19 transmission. The following additional measures have been put in place with immediate effect:


    •  To close the washrooms and ablution area immediately for 4 weeks period, to minimize any risk of transmission.
    • Volunteers to monitor entry and exit doors for Jumma prayers to ensure that physical distancing is being followed fully and that there’s no crowding and congestion at the doors.


In view of clocks adjustments from daylight savings the new times for Jumma prayers will be as follows:

    • First prayer Khutbah @ 12:45 pm
    • Second prayer Khutbah @ 1:30 pm

Feel free to contact the Management Committee or the Imam for any questions or concerns.


The Management Committee

Grande Prairie, AB