Financial Assistance For Community Members in Need and in Hardship

Peace be upon you!

In view of financial hardships faced by many Islamic community members from COVID-19 and general economic hardship faced by many, the Islamic Association of Grande Prairie has launched financial assistance program from its Zakat fund. Under this program any of the needy families will be provided monthly financial assistance for a short period of time. You can apply for this assistance if you meet Zakat the criteria, including the following:

1. Those is debt (unavoidable obligations).
2. Travelers in need.
3. The poor and needy.
4. Recent converts to Islam in need.

Please feel free to apply for this assistance if you or your friends or family meet any of the above criteria. *If you’re not sure about your eligibility please consult with the Masjid Imam.* Please apply in confidence through the Masjid Imam Mohamud Issa @ 780-512-6166, Wael Hezam @ 780-978-1112 or Haseeb Ahmed @ 780-933-8881. Your name and personal details will be kept strictly confidential. Please pass on this message to others whom you may think may be in need of this assistance.

Please apply by *March 10, 2021*.