السلام عليكم – Peace be upon you!


As previously announced, Islamic Association of Grande Prairie and our community members have collaborated with a public school in Grande Prairie to have regular after-school Islamic classes for children of different ages. A certified Islamic teacher has been arranged for these classes and there will be a nominal monthly fee for these classes. A well-tested and approved curriculum will be used in these classes, that will cover broad range of topics.

To organize and plan these classes we need information about interested children and parents. You can pre-register your children and provide relevant information to secure a spot in these classes. The forms have been distributed in last two Jummas and are also available in the masjid main prayer hall.


In the next few days, we need to finalize and communicate the student count, as well as the number and schedule of classes. Its very important to get accurate numbers as soon as possible. Please fill out and send the completed forms to or drop them off in the drop box located in the main prayer hall.


The forms should be submitted by Friday, November 24, 2023, to secure your spot. Any registration requests received after the above date will only be accommodated subject to availability and approval.


Secure your spot now!!



Kinds regards,


The Masjid Executive Committee